Saturday, December 18, 2004

Holiday Rage

Ah, the Holidays! Nothing helps get you in the mood for the holidays quite like a dusting of fresh snow on the ground. Then seeing the grill of a green car shoved up the muffler of a red truck with flashing lights all-around. It really sets the tone for the holidays. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Of course, two ladies doing hand-to-hand combat over the last sale item at a local department store can get you in the spirit as well. Neither one stopping to think they probably have boxes of them.

It is also quite festive to have the person in front of you shriek at the cashier that she has just spent the past two hours shopping for the ‘perfect’ gift and she doesn't care what the bank says about her credit limit.

Variations of these same experiences will be played out in communities throughout the nation. Proving that even road rage has a seasonal side and has transformed into Holiday Rage. All these incidents detract from the joy that the holiday season should bring. With that in mind, here are some holiday survival tips.

· Spend as much time as possible with people you like. You'll be around the others the rest of the year.

· You do not have to over spend. The national debt will increase without your help.

· There is no such thing as the perfect gift. Be thankful for what you get and equally thankful for what you are able to give.

Be mindful of the real reason for the Season. It is indeed a season of joy.


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