Tuesday, December 21, 2004

First Haircuts

It’s Saturday. Setting in the barbershop, I noticed a young man with a child in the third barber chair. The little guy could not have been over three, probably younger, getting his haircut. It was evident it was a father and son. “This is his first haircut,” said the dad with a wide smile. It made me think back to my son’s first haircut. That seems like a long time ago. It was a long time ago. Nate and I still get haircuts together when possible– it’s an opportunity for me to see him. But the opportunities aren’t as often as they use to be.

The little fella getting his first haircut is behaving quite well. But it is clear he was wondering what is going on. Setting in the chair next to him, is my father in law. He moved in with us a couple of days ago. The only reason I was there was so he could get a haircut, this is our first haircut together. My father in law is staring at the floor. Like the little guy, he is probably wondering what is going on. Just a few moments ago, he told me not to get old.

I wish that were an option.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is an option. Not a good one, but still and option. cliff

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