Sunday, January 07, 2007

Moving On

We had a lot of fun yesterday but it was a little bittersweet.

Tiff graduated in December and yesterday we had a little party for her. The chocolate fountain next to her seemed to be a hit with everyone. It provided a lot of entertainment. I have to admit I am really, really proud of what Tiff has accomplished and I am sure, like her mother, she will be a great teacher.

The bittersweet part had nothing to with the chocolate fountain. Rather, it had to do with people moving on. Yesterday afternoon I kept looking at our good friends from Nebraska realizing they would be leaving soon. Then all afternoon I listened to our son explain to people how he was taking a job, in another part of the country, and would be leaving soon. It is a great opportunity for him, I just wish it were here.

Then in the back of mind was the fact that bright and early this morning we would have to take Tiff to the airport to return to Chicago. Here is a picture of her hugging Char goodbye.

While the chocolate fountain provided some great entertainment, it could not compete with our friends from Nebraska - Cliff and Marilyn. They drove close to a thousand miles to attend this party. I thought it was a petty remarkable feat that people from Denver and Fort Collins showed up given the weather. Cliff and Marilyn crossed two states to be here. As usual, their visit was way to short. But, as usual, it was a lot of fun.

The chocolate fountain was whirling away and Cliff and I were given the task of setting the table. I don’t think this is what Char and Marilyn had in mind but it worked quite well.

Anyway, thanks to Cliff and Marilyn for making the long journey. Thanks to all that showed up. Congratulations to Nate on the new job. And a special thanks to Tiffany for giving us a reason to have a party.


Blogger Paul said...

Congratulations again to Tiff. Best wishes to her.

I like the way you and Cliff "set the table."

And speaking about Cliff and Marilyn, you might want to stop by my joint. I wrote about them and, well...

1:10 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Congratulations to Tiff!
I like the table setting..
It is wonderful to be blesed with family and friends.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

2:46 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I know it must be hard to see your two children head off for different parts of the country. You are happy for them but sad too. You are officially empty nesters now! So glad Cliff and Marilyn got to make the trip. I would have enjoyed that chocolate fountain! Yum!! I like the way you two set the table. Looks like you took full advantage of the snow!!
I enjoyed the pictures Ralph. Thanks!

4:16 PM  
Blogger Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Small world - I was born and raised in Chicago - and went to the University of Chicago graduate school.

"...the task of setting the table" lol - bwahahahahaha!!! Chocolate and beer - and some tout the Absolut and Red Bull diet. ;0)

4:48 PM  
Blogger Cliff Morrow said...

Ralph, we're home. We stopped in Lincoln and ate with the kids.
We had a great time. Your party was wonderful and attended by a lot of interesting folks. You guys have classy friends. But I assumed that. It was a well deserved tribute to a great gal. Congrats to ALL of you.
My eyes were welling with tears on my way home. The wind was in the wrong direction for driving thru Ft Morgan.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Aravis said...

Congratulations to both your son and your daughter, though they're going away again.

Creative table setting. That's taking what you've been given and making it work! *G*

10:51 PM  
Blogger 1 plus twins said...

like you and cliff need a reason to have a party. lol

congrats to your kids!! you must be so proud.

your right when people move it is extremely difficult. think on the bright side, you have two more places to go and vacation.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Congratulations Tiffany! I haven't heard any reports of Ralph and Cliff having too much Tekamah wine at your party, so I'm glad all is well. Way to go!

4:29 AM  
Blogger Miki said...

Glad that you all had such a good time, great way to set the table. Hey, all of that snow has a good purpose, an extra cooler, who needs refrigerators, you've got snow! Hope all goes well for both of your children, even though your son will be far away, you will have an excuse to vacation in another part of the country! Congrats to TIffany!

4:35 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Ralph, I hadn't realized til now that DOR was going to teach in Chicago. I had just assumed it would be Colorado.
You will have to work at enticing her to come back, I know you miss her even more than the college stint now.
Maybe find her a nice Colorado boy? Or is there one in Illinois we haven't been hearing about?

I'm glad you had a nice party. And too that those kids have used their wings like parents are supposed to teach them.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Jerry said...

Congratulations, Tiff!

Ralph, you've discovered a great perk to winter need to ice down the beer. Just put it outside!

7:27 AM  

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