Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wheel of Love

I have one of those stupid calendars that states what each day is recognized for. You know - Gumdrop Day, Carrot Day, National Double Flush Day (okay I made that last one up). But, it does seem like there is a day for everything!

Well, today is Valentines Day! Did you know it is also National Ferris Wheel Day! Yes, that’s right – today we celebrate the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr, the man who created the first Ferris wheel in 1893. To most people Valentines Day and Ferris Wheel Day have little in common. However, they do at our house.

Back when Char I were dating we went to an amusement park and rode many of the rides – including the Ferris wheel. When the Ferris wheel started, I noticed Char couldn’t keep her hands off me. Always grabbing me and clutching my arm or leg real tight. Back then, I thought I was ‘hot’ and she was just confirming it. I mean, I even had hair! Later I found out she hates Ferris wheel’s – they really scare her.

We haven’t ridden one since.


Blogger Cliff Morrow said...

Ralph, National Double Flush Day is the day after National Bran Cereal Day.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

LOL!! I don't like them either. If the Lord wanted me up there He's have given me wings. No, I don't fly either.
Interesting thing that George Ferris is someplace in my genealogy files. My Mother's maiden name was Ferris.
I'd much rather he invented the scooter!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Gee what neat info. I had no idea that today was National Ferris Wheel Day or that any such day even existed.

I was never real thrilled about the ferris wheel rides, especially the really big ones, but I managed them okay. I never rode one with a guy though, always a girl. No fun in that.

Hope your Valentine's day was super grand Ralph!!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

I'm betting she couldn't keep her hands off you! Since that might scare you off she was being diplomatic about the Ferris Wheel scare.
Happy Valentine's Day.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Britmum said...

Awww Ralph thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

I loved this little story. I am sure you are way hot.

Take care

11:59 PM  
Blogger Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I didn't know there was a National Bran Cereal Day??? Nobody tells be anything.

4:05 AM  
Blogger Miki said...

Ralph, you were "hot" or she wouldn't have gotten on the Ferris Wheel with you! Oh, sorry. National Ferris Wheel Day? Who thinks these things up? What is today? Silly one hit wonders day? I didn't go with Cliff on the Bran day, I just couldn't go there!

4:28 AM  
Blogger Astrid said...

Someone told me it was Werewolf Day yesterday as well ... I am unsure what you are supposed to do then, but kissing might not be the best option if you wanna live!

4:58 AM  
Blogger Christa said...

Awww, what a sweet Valentine's Day story. I myself rather like ferris wheels, as long as no one makes them rock back and forth when you're up super high.

Then I'll be grabbing anyone who happens to be sitting nearby. I can see now how that could lead to years of marriage. :) Haha!

9:08 AM  
Blogger nora said...

I agree with Miki, Char must have really liked you to ride the Ferris Wheel.
I have not met a boy that I like that much yet! If I getting on a Ferris Wheel, it must be serious.

7:27 AM  

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