Thursday, February 22, 2007


First and foremost, it should be pointed out that this post has nothing to do with the engagement of DOR and SILOR. For that, I am thankful!

Secondly, as you can tell by the photo below they are not ‘identical’ twins. Similar, yes. Identical, no.

After a year of labor, and intense computer pain for the past few weeks, I am please to announce. . . .

Yes, the 2006 issue of Homespun Headlines has just been released! While I’d encourage everyone to hurry and buy a copy while the supply last. But the truth is if you are reading this, you have most likely read the stories already. But if you click here you can see it displayed at I will most likely add that to my links when I get around to updating them.

The introduction to Homespun Headlines 2006 says it all. Here it is in part:

“When Homespun Headlines 2005 was first published, I had no idea it would take the country by storm. While that might be a slight exaggeration it has end up in Colorado, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wyoming, and even Africa. Yes, I bought and gave away as many copies as I could afford. To give away more I would need a loan. But, it was worth it.

Then requests came pouring in, “When will the 2006 version be released?” I frequently heard from readers wanting more Homespun Headlines. And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for the support and encouragement to write Homespun Headlines 2006. Your voices have been heard!”

Once again, it was a challenging, exciting and at times a frustrating project. But, I am glad I did it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Quest

Though I have been ridiculed, I will continue the search without losing hope. My peers have scoffed at me much like a survivor on a remote island looking for a rescue ship. This will not deter me.

I must admit I have lost track of time. I know not the hour or for that matter the day of the week. But from the notches on the club I can assume it is the seventh week. I am hoping it is early in the week. All is not lost – hope still prevails.

I will leave shortly with my three wood in search of a golf course free of snow.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Ring, Ring

For twenty or more years, I have known this phone call was coming. Yet, last Sunday I didn’t know how to handle it. Our conversation went something like this:

Ralph: Hi, Jason what’s up?
Jason: Well. . . the Lakers are playing.
Ralph: What are the Lakers?

Long pause.

Ralph: Jason, I know who the Laker’s are. They didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

Another long pause.

Ralph: Okay. I know who the Lakers are. What’s up?
Jason: Not much.
Ralph: Okay.
Jason: Well, I guess I would like to uh. . . to uh. . . . to uh. . . to give Tiff a ring.
Ralph: A friendship ring, right?
Jason: A friendship for life ring.

Okay – this guy is good. He reminds me of someone else a few years back.

Here is where my breathing became shallow and rapid. My heart rate increased to that a marathon runner. Like I said, for over twenty years I’ve known this conversation was coming, I had thought about it from time to time, and I still didn’t know how to handle it.

I told Jason I married Char because I really, really loved her and was certain she was the only one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Jason said those were the same reason he wanted to marry my daughter – my ONLY daughter.

I welcomed him to the family.

But there is a problem. Char and I have spent time with Jason and he is a nice guy – for someone who wants to marry my daughter. The problem is this - I have written about Jason before and referred to him a FOR (Friend of Ralph). I will have to change his name. He will now be known as SILOR (pronounced sigh-lor). SILOR (Son in Law of Ralph) has a nice ring to it. . . for a guy who wants to marry to my daughter.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've Been Googled

Yesterday’s post was about Valentine’s Day a day full of wonder, excitement and expectations. So I am sure it won’t surprise you when I say I was Googled. Yes, blogger showed how much it loved me by forcing me to switch to the Google system before I could sign on.

While I did experience some problems leaving comments on other sites I think that issue has been resolved.

The jury is still out but it seems to working fairly well so far.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wheel of Love

I have one of those stupid calendars that states what each day is recognized for. You know - Gumdrop Day, Carrot Day, National Double Flush Day (okay I made that last one up). But, it does seem like there is a day for everything!

Well, today is Valentines Day! Did you know it is also National Ferris Wheel Day! Yes, that’s right – today we celebrate the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr, the man who created the first Ferris wheel in 1893. To most people Valentines Day and Ferris Wheel Day have little in common. However, they do at our house.

Back when Char I were dating we went to an amusement park and rode many of the rides – including the Ferris wheel. When the Ferris wheel started, I noticed Char couldn’t keep her hands off me. Always grabbing me and clutching my arm or leg real tight. Back then, I thought I was ‘hot’ and she was just confirming it. I mean, I even had hair! Later I found out she hates Ferris wheel’s – they really scare her.

We haven’t ridden one since.

Friday, February 09, 2007


For the past few days this is what we have had waiting for us in the morning - heavy dense fog and freezing drizzle. It sticks around well into the afternoon.

But there are no worries. I have been inside. I have been working on projects I have no clue about. So, whether I am outside or inside I am ‘in the fog’.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, I'm Out of Here

It’s funny what I remember and when I remember it. For example, whenever Nate would come over to visit or when we had wrapped up a round golf, just before he would leave he would look at me and say, “Well, I’m out of here”.

Last week he was over and his visit ended the same way. He looked at me and said, “Well, I’m out of here”. That’s when I took this picture. Early the next morning he left for the mid-west. Char and I are officially alone in Colorado.

Nate called a few times along the way to tell us some of the highlights.

** He got off at Kansas City to do some sightseeing. One thing he wanted to visit was a Barbeque restaurant. Several people told him it was the best BBQ in America but to be careful about going there as it was in a rough part of town and because of that the owner carries a gun. Of course, Nate had to go see it and take a picture.

** He stopped for lunch and a lady from his previous job called, they wanted to know how his trip was going. He was filling his cup up with ice and she asked what the noise was. He told her he was in the middle of a hailstorm. Evidently, she got all flustered and told him to hang up and concentrate on his driving.

** Somewhere he got bored so he stopped, propped a suitcase up in the passenger seat and put his hat on top of it so it looked like he had a passenger.

I asked Char where does he come up with this crap? She just gave me ‘the look’ and didn’t answer. I guess she doesn’t know either.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Commonly Confused

While reading the title of this blog you might have thought it was about me. It's not. Sometimes the use and meaning of words confuses me. It’s nothing new really. Starting in the second grades my English papers were often returned dripping with red ink.

Sing and sign caused me fits for years. But they were replaced by the ‘T’ words. You know the ones – there, their, and they’re. To this day I am not sure I have good grasp on them.

Nate left for the mid west earlier this week. Tiffany still really likes Chicago. This has caused me to focus on the 'T' words. I will try to use each in a sentence.

“Both of our kids are now out of the state, I guess they are truly on their own.”

“One is in Illinois, they other is in a state south of there.”

“Both are happy, they’re doing what they want.”

Maybe later I’ll go into the problem I had with rid and read – we’ll see.