Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bloggers Four

At first glance, you might think this is a country band, The Bloggers Four. If it were, we would have Dan on the left. Dan heads up the brass section. Mainly because he owns a collision center and brass is as close to metal as I could get. Next is Marty on lead guitar. He has more musical ability then the rest of us and is directly or indirectly responsibly for getting us to start blogging. Holding the rake is Cliff. He is lead vocalist, inspired by being Chair of the County Board of Supervisors. Then there is me, I’ll take tickets at the concerts since I have no musical ability but have always wanted to be in a band.

You may have heard some of our hit recordings: “A One Match Bon Fire is How the Barn Burnt Down” and “Hot Coals and Hot Dogs”. Certainly, by now you have to be familiar with our platinum recording – “Just Another Day on the Morrow Farm”.

Okay, the truth is this picture was taken at the Morrow farm the day after Thanksgiving. All four of us have blogs so you can imagine how many stories were told and how many ideas for future stories were captured. Check out Dan, Marty, and Cliff’s sites and see what they had to say about this picture.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunrise in Elkhorn

Saturday morning we headed back to Colorado. When we arrived at Elkhorn, I started noticing the first rays of sunlight highlighting the Nebraska sky. This made me think of the highlights of the past few days.

They started in Lincoln where we stopped to visit with Dan and Tom. Dan took us to see the remodeling projects at his home where we visited with Julie and Madi. Arriving in Tekamah that night Cliff grilled some of the best steaks I’ve had in long time.

Early on Thanksgiving morning Marilyn gave me a tour of the remodeling project they were doing at the kennel. Then it was on to Fran and Robbie’s where we had Thanksgiving Day dinner. There were thirty people but enough food to feed three times that many. It was there I met up with and visited with Marty.

You want more highlights? There were plenty. We helped Cliff and Marilyn make beef jerky - very good beef jerky I might add, we had a bon fire where hotdogs were roasted and s’mores were made, we shot pistols and then went trap shooting, Char rode a horse and I watched Dan wrestle a rooster. One afternoon was spent watching, or in my case trying to watch, the CU-Nebraska game.

But, the true highlight had to be visiting with all the Morrow’s. So, if you ever see the sunrise in Elkhorn drive north about another thirty miles to Tekamah – that’s where the true highlights are.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Someone Had To Do It

At work, there are parts of my job I really do not like. Such as being locked in one meeting room after another, studying budget sheets, and dealing with problems that well – are not my problems. But, it goes with the territory.

Last week I HAD to travel around the state and meet with many of our district people and community leaders. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. The trip last week was just a little short of 1,000 miles. There were many colorful events including the stretch limo parked at a local Pizza Hut with a sign in the front window that read, “Will drive for food.”

This picture was taken near the Town of Silverton. It’s in the southwestern part of the state. Silverton sits in a high mountain valley between Durango and Ouray and has an elevation of 9,318 feet.

With the exceptions of sleeping in hotels and being away from my wife it was an enjoyable trip. Like I said, someone HAD to do it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Stevenson's Place

For the past six years, I have made the sixty mile drive to Fort Collins two to three times a week. I have become quite familiar with that road – maybe, too familiar.

I check several spots during the drive. One is the ‘old Stevenson place’. I don't know what it is really called. I don’t even know if anyone by the name of Stevenson ever lived there. It’s just a name I came up with one day (remember I make this drive a lot and have plenty of time to think).

The old Stevenson place has a small but well kept farmhouse surrounded by fields of hay and corn. The crops were rotated yearly with hay being planted next to the interstate one year, corn the following year.

I have past the old Stevenson place early in the morning when the first rays of sunlight were glistening off the green corn field. I’ve past it at dusk when the irrigation sprinklers was running creating miniature rainbows. I’ve been by there in the Spring when the farmer was planting the field and in the Fall when he was harvesting. It’s one of those places you just keep an eye on as you pass by.

About a month ago, I noticed the farmer out walking in the cornfield. I had never seen him before, just caught glimpses of him on the tractor or in the combine. It seemed like he was just walking through the cornfield enjoying the crisp Fall weather. I pulled off the highway to watch him for a few minutes. He was reaching up and running his hand along the corn tassels. Then he’d walk a little, bend down, pick up a handful of dirt, and throw it in the air. As I sat there and watched, I concluded he had something on his mind or was wrestling with a problem.

I saw him again a few weeks later running the combine with the corn trailer in tow. I wondered if he figured out his problem.

Last week I drove by and there was a moving van out front. Yesterday I drove by and saw a sad site. A bulldozer was tearing the farmhouse down, earth moving machinery was setting in the fields, and a huge sign was facing the highway announcing yet another shopping center was going to be built.

I’m not sure everything we call “progress” is.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

After the Harvest

You might be wondering how farmers unwind after the harvest. I never wondered that - but you might have. I know one in Nebraska who unwinds by honing his skills with Picture It. In fact, he is getting quite good at it. He provided me the photo above. Its Dan Morrow's body with my head. So, I'm not sure which is most fitting - Dan thanks for loaning me your body OR Dan you look good with my head.

The picture goes with a story I posted back in late 2004 called 'The Making of a Legend'. Once you read the post, the picture will make more sense.

Cliff introduced me to Picture It earlier this year. I have to admit all I have done is load it on my computer and even then, I needed my wife's help.

I'm starting to think I should learn the program. If for no other reason than self-defense.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday in North Platte

Monday night I was in North Platte, Nebraska. Why I was there is not nearly as important as what happened. After dinner, we returned to the hotel where a crowd of forty to fifty people had formed in front of the Holiday Inn Express, where we were staying. So, I did what comes natural for me – I got talking to them.

There were waiting for a bus. The bus was full of troops from Nebraska and Kansas who were just returning from Iraq after eighteen months. One of the ladies, about my age and evidently a mother of one of soldiers invited me to wait for the bus and welcome them home. So as the old adage goes – when in North Platte. . . . .

I waited and eventually the bus rounded the corner. The crowd (including me) burst into cheers. One by one, the troops, men and women, filed off the bus. They looked exhausted but happy. I spent 15 – 20 minutes talking with several of them.

Whether you believe in the war or not, it’s nice to see men and women arrive home safely.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Forgotten Holiday

Okay, I'm confused. More than usual I mean. Here are the events of the past few days.

10/31: It’s Halloween and the candy is plentiful. Fifty-seven kids stop by, not counting some of my special friends who stopped by twice because they always get something extra.

11/1: Walking into the grocery store I noticed that all the Halloween candy is right at the front of the store and is now 50% off. The store is now fully loaded with candy canes and all kinds of Christmas candy.

11/2: Walking into the store you’re greeted by Christmas decorations and an artificial Christmas tree. They were also playing Christmas music. I wanted to blurt out, “Come on! It’s only November 2.”

11/3: Driving home I saw it – the first house of the year with Christmas lights. To top it off, there were strings and strings of those fake icicle lights. It didn’t get any better once I got home. I saw the first TV Christmas commercial promising the ‘perfect Christmas’.

11/4: This morning as one of the major news stories, they told where you go to cut your own Christmas tree.

All this raises the question – is anyone going to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 03, 2005


It's fun to post some stories on our blogs. But, I believe it also carries an obligation. When people take the time to read and comment on our stories I believe we have an obligation to answer their questions and at least consider their recommendations.

When I posted the story 'More Pumpkins' there were two requests. One from Aravis and the other from a guy in Nebraska. Both of them wanted to see the picture above. Thanks to Cliff for providing the picture and helping me fulfill my obligation - yeah . . . thanks Cliff.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wine Tour

A couple of weekends ago we gave a wine tour in Palisade. Palisade is one of my favorite destination spots in the Fall. It is located just 12 miles east of Grand Junction but you would never know it. Somehow, it has remained a small town with a population of about 2,500.

It's known for the vineyards throughout the valley, which I must admit we did stop at a few of them. Okay - 11 to be exact. But, it's okay - I was the designated driver. Believe it or not, Cliff, I did fulfill the role. I did purchase a few bottles of wine, okay nineteen, but I did limit my sampling.

Besides the tasting rooms, there is plenty to do and see. I love walking through the vineyards this time of year. The grapes are still on the vine and are quite colorful. The area is also known for its orchards. Some of the best peaches in the world come from this little town and the people who own the orchards are exceptionally friendly and always happy to answer your questions.

Then there is the food. The Palisade Cafe is my breakfast spot of choice. A small family owned restaurant where the food and the service has always been great. Last year, the waitress kicked out some of the locals so we could have a table. Fortunately, the locals didn't seem to mind. Then there is the Slice of Life Bakery. They have great pastries but they also make some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Yes, the sandwiches were part of a picnic lunch complete with a glass of wine at one of the local vineyards.

The photo above is taken at a winery overlooking a vineyard, an orchard, and the town of Palisade. The mountains in the background are part of the bookcliffs.

So, next time your in Colorado in the Fall stop by, we'll go on a road trip. I have a van that is fully certified to hold four people, their luggage, and six cases of wine.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Entertainment Tonight

Pictured above is my friend Geno. When the two of us get together, we have a good time. Recently we went shopping for pumpkins and Geno explained how to pop a blister without it hurting.

Don't let his gloomy appearance fool you - he's a lot of fun to be around.
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